Watch fire tornado swirl and blaze in 4K slow-motion

Fire tornados — they'll all the fun and terror of a regular tornado, only coupled with a hellish blaze that promises to burn up whatever the tornado fails to teardown. We've all seen the video of a giant fire tornado formed in the midst of a wildfire, and there's that one time a bunch of whiskey ended up in a twisting blaze during a severe storm. This latest fire tornado, though, is the result of a ring of box fans.

This video comes from The Slo-Mo guys, who assembled a fire pit and placed a bunch of box fans around it — a dozen fans, to be precise. They first light the fire, then turn on the fans, and a short while later the fire is kicked up into a twisting flame.

Give it a little time, and the flame grows into a proper miniature tornado, ten or more feet high. Be sure to increase the resolution up to 2160p/4k to properly appreciate the video, or however high your Internet connection can handle.

This is the latest of many slow-mo escapades the guys have filmed; their library includes things like a "goop cannon", a plasma cutter, fire breathing, and more. Enjoy videos of controlled mayhem? Check out this video of a manure spreader turning a Geo Metro into mincemeat.

VIA: Digg