Watch Dogs sequel confirmed for release by April 2017

Watch Dogs, the much-hyped open world game that put players in the role of a hacker, is getting a sequel, it turns out. While the first game, released in May 2014, was received by fans and critics with a fair amount of disappointment, developer & publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that work has begun on Watch Dogs 2, and that it's due to be released by April 2017.

Unfortunately details on the new game or any of its improvements remain behind the curtains, as Ubisoft made the announcement of Watch Dogs 2's existence during a recent earnings report. These kind of disclosures focus on more on financial plans and details than gameplay specifics, sadly.

Ubisoft stated that the game was currently in development, and on track for release in the company's next fiscal year, which means sometime between April 2016 and March 2017. Even the platforms that Watch Dogs 2 will come weren't mentioned, although the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are surely guaranteed.

The original title was criticized for not living up to the expectations set by impressive initial demos and trailers, which all portrayed an open, living world, where almost anything could be hacked and taken control of. In the end, the game mostly had players interacting with security cameras, combined with shallow hacking mechanics.

As for Ubisoft's other big series, the company revealed that there would be no Assassin's Creed title in 2016, as the developer wants to give the next entry some extra time to re-focus and bring the series back to the fore-front of open-world experiences it was once known for.

SOURCE Ubisoft