Watch Dogs released on Wii U at long last

As of this week, Watch Dogs is available for Wii U. This is after the initial delay of the game for all platforms, word that the game would never get to Wii U, and a final – normal – release of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This release for Wii U may very well be Ubisoft's last port of an adult-aimed game for Nintendo systems as they've previously mentioned they'd not be bringing Assassin's Creed: Unity to the Wii U or any other Nintendo system through the future.

With the Wii U version of Watch Dogs you'll be able to play with several special Wii U GamePad features. One is off-TV play, allowing users to play Watch Dogs without the assistance of a TV. Another is the display and control of an interactive map on the controller while you play as normal on the TV.

ABOVE: Watch Dogs on PS4. Wii U's display of this game will look different quality-wise, while content will be essentially the same.

Have a peek at our original full Watch Dogs Review for more information on the innards of this game.

Wii U's version of Watch Dogs will be rated M for Mature as it was and is on every other platform it's out on. You'll also be able to pick this game up for Xbox 360, your Windows PC, or PlayStation 3.

Watch Dogs will cost the same here as it does on every other platform, $59.99 USD in stores this week. This will be the last platform the game is released to.