Watch Dogs frustrates gamers with exclusive missions

Ubisoft has frustrated gamers with news that retailer exclusivity deals for Watch Dogs will mean some of the special levels will be out of reach unless people buy multiple copies of the game. Amazon and GameStop will each offer exclusive packs to gamers who preorder the upcoming title, Tom's Hardware reports, with each containing a single-player mission that will not – at least initially – be available anywhere else.

At Amazon, the Signature Shot Pack will include a special Black Viceroys level in which players will need to infiltrate one of the gangs in the game. There'll also be an exclusive Black Viceroys outfit for the player's character.

Over at GameStop, meanwhile, there'll be the Palace Pack for preorder customers. That will have a different infiltration mission, as well as giving the player the ability to hack ATMs and get more cash from them, among other things.

Perks to encourage gamers to choose one retailer rather than another are commonplace, especially with high-profile titles like Watch Dogs. However, most of the time the extras thrown in are along the lines of posters or exclusive artwork, figurines of game characters, or appealing – but non-essential – add-ons for in-game play.

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Ubisoft's two extra missions, however, are likely to be something many gamers would like to play, and the fact that if they want them they'll have to preorder two copies of Watch Dogs is already prompting some upset. It's possible the publisher could release the levels later on, as DLC, but that's certainly not confirmed at this stage.

Preorders for the game have already opened – including the PlayStation 4 version – with availability for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Windows expected on November 19.

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