Watch Apple justify iOS 14.5's controversial App Tracking Transparency

Today Apple released iOS 14.5 for your iPhone and iPad, and with it, app tracking transparency in a whole new level. This software has been a long time coming, opposed by would-be trackers, applauded by those who would like control over the tracking of their own data. As Apple released iOS 14.5 today, they released a very brief, very simple explainer video about how the process will work for users.

Below you'll see the video Apple's released today about App Tracking Transparency. In it, Apple suggests that you may be seeing a new message in some apps after updating to iOS 14.5. The notification asks if you'd like to "ask app not to track".

The notification will as if you'd like to "allow [app name here] to track your activity across other companies' apps and websites?" It'll also say that "your data will be used to deliver personalized ads to you." This is likely just one example of a variety of messages that could appear with the same basic aim and end target.

The way this video spot angles the whole software update is as an added layer of choice for the user. Apple suggests that you may want to provide an app with your personal information and allow said app to track your activities so that it can use said data for your benefit – but NOW, with this update, you'll have the option to stop said tracking on the most basic level.

This system should appear automatically with the update to iOS 14.5 for your iPhone and/or iPad today. This update for your iOS device should be available if you have a device released in the last several years at least – go ahead and check!