Watch a Nintendo Switch fall from a height of 1,000 feet

Dozens if not hundreds of smartphones sacrificed on the altar of entertainment and "science", scratch, bent, and dropped from all heights. But how about gaming consoles? Sure, we've seen an NVIDIA SHIELD dropped from a cargo plane, but that marketing stunt was designed so that the SHIELD would land safely. How about a stunt that isn't as safe? That's exactly what the poor Nintendo Switch experienced at the hands of a drone which, controlled by cruel humans, was forced to drop its fellow machine from a thousand feet up in the air.

Most devices, be it smartphones or gaming handhelds, are built with a bit of survivability in mind. But event the most rugged device was design to account for an "accidental" drop from high above. You aren't supposed to be playing from such a precarious height or situation anyway. But, say, just for example, your Switch "accidentally" flies out the window a few stories above. Luckily for you, it seems Nintendo did think of that scenario after all.

OK, the Nintendo Switch did survive a 1,000-ft fall. The left Joy-con, not so much. But there may have been a few factors that saved it from its untimely demise. Given the Joy-con's damage and the fact that the right Joy-con was also intact, the Switch most likely fell on that side, saving its screen and the rest of the body from the impact. Where it feel might also be a mitigating factor. Just to be, UnlockRiver, who performed the stunt, should have made a second test with a different Switch.

So is the Nintendo Switch the most invulnerable gaming handheld/console hybrid? UnlockRiver definitely thinks so. Or it might just be one very lucky console. It definitely does seem to be bringing Nintendo good fortune these days.