Paraplegic gamer gets to skydive, courtesy of NVIDIA SHIELD

As part of its marketing campaign for its SHIELD Android TV console, NVIDIA partnered with Loot Crate to send out a special "Mega Crate" to some lucky random Loot Crate subscriber. That crate naturally contained a host of NVIDIA goodies, like a SHIELD console, a year's subscription to GeForce Now game streaming, Netflix, and, wait for it, a skydiving experience. Georgia resident Tim Schultz happened to be that lucky subscriber, but his luck seemed to be even greater than hoped for. Little did NVIDIA know (or maybe it did) that Tim is a paraplegic.

Skydiving is probably something that most paraplegics won't even dreamed they'd be able to do. Tim, however, isn't your ordinary paraplegic. He is a gamer. And while there are a few stereotypes about gamers still going around, one thing you can't say about them is that they aren't adventurous.

So when Tim got the gift of going skydiving, he wasn't one to chicken out. NVIDIA enlisted professional skydiver Jeff Provenzano for the stunt. But considering Tim's special circumstance, they also got Jeff's buddy Luke Aikins to jump in on the fun, almost literally. As it turns out, Luke is particularly experienced with doing tandem jumps with people with physical disabilities. In other words, Tim's perfect jumping partner.

As for Provenzano, this isn't his first dive for NVIDIA and its SHIELD console. Back in November, he also did another skydiving stunt, this time going solo. Well, there was a cat with him. Here, Jeff was strapped to a couch, which was attached to a makeshift living room, complete with a TV and, of course, an NVIDIA SHIELD. And yes, that living room set was sent plummeting to its doom from a C-130 Hercules cargo. Naturally, the set didn't survive the 10,000 foot drop. Jeff and the SHIELD, however, landed safely. And so did the cat.