Wasteland 3 becomes fully funded, launches stretch goals

Well that didn't take long: just a few days after launching on Fig, Wasteland 3 has hit its crowdfunding goal of $2.75 million. There wasn't much doubt that it would be a success considering that Wasteland 2 was a crowdfunding hit all its own, and now inXile has until the campaign wraps on November 3 to raise as much additional cash as possible. That, in case you were wondering, means stretch goals.

Should the campaign reach $2.85 million in funding – which is a goal it's already very close to reaching – a stretch goal called "37 Pieces of Flair" will be unlocked. This will add more customization options for Rangers to the game, and show equipped gear such as shovels and binoculars on their in-game models.

At $3 million in funding, a talking companion car named Morningstar will be added to the game. Morningstar was an AI developed for President Reagan, but in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, it becomes your partner for both travel and combat. Essentially, it's a car that hates communism, which seems like one heck of a stretch goal reward to us.

Finally, once Wasteland 3 hits the $3.1 million mark, backers will unlock customizable insignia for their Ranger squads. Players will design their own insignia at the start of the game and then will see it flown on flags and adorning their Ranger base throughout the game.

For the moment, those are the only three stretch goals listed. We'll likely get more assuming the current funding tiers are met, which given the success of Wasteland 3's crowdfunding campaign thus far, seems like a strong possibility. You can find Wasteland 3's crowdfunding campaign via Fig through the source link below.

SOURCE: Wasteland 3 on Fig