Warpia StreamHD Review

Right this moment you are two USB dongles and a handful of simple clicks away from displaying your computer's display on your HDTV, no questions asked. What we've got here is the Warpia StreamHD wireless HD media transmitter and right out of the box you'll be able to plug in and make it happen, just so long as you're using a Windows computer and your television is able to work with HDMI, as all good high definition televisions should be these days. Take a look here at how neat this little setup is and how you, yes you, can now watch Netflix on your non-internet television without the heinous acts of purchasing an Xbox or an iPad 2. Of course if you've got those, then there's no reason for this, right? Wrong, mister, there's so many things you could do with this little set of gadgets that it's unreal.

So here's what you do – you open the box, you take the base station and you plug the upright USB stick into it. You plug that base station in with the cord that powers it up, connect it to a power socket that is, then you connect it to your TV with the HDMI cord that's included with the package. Next you pop the CD from the box in your Windows PC, and click through the installation process which takes less than 5 minutes, and you plug in the other USB stick and hit "OK" for all the drivers which instantly get installed without trouble. From here you click which mode you'd like to be in (I like extended display mode), and BAM. You're in business.

Now all you've got to do is pull that window with Thor playing in it to the extra large and awesome display you've got in your HDTV, and you can have a great time continuing to browse your Thor-loving forums in the meantime from your couch. I've really truly been looking for such a simple solution to this first world problem of having to get up click a mouse each time I want a new file to play ever since I first got into the wild world of media centers. This means having a computer of some sort control what's displayed on your television rather than using the cable and a remote control. Take command of your programming!

What you've got now is full access to anything you can pick up from the internet, displayed instead on your gigantic television, all controlled from your laptop. Or if you prefer, your PC sitting across the room. Think about this situation: you've got a couple of kids that want to watch a new YouTube video every time the last one has ended, but you want your PC to yourself. All you've got to do here is move your mouse out to the second display (your TV) and hit the play button instead of having to turn your display around and around per Johnny and Sally's request. Freedom at last!

Have a peek at all the components above and below and pick the device up right this second (or grab it for your fun-loving PC owner friend or relative for the holidays, they'll love you for it.) You can purchase the StreamHD at Warpia online for just $159.99 right now!