War Thunder Ground Forces hit the tanks, PS4 FTP in June

There's nothing like a good free World War II massively multiplayer online game to start your early weekend off right. War Thunder is one of several of such games out on the market today – you'll also find World of Warplanes (with airplanes) and World of Tanks (with tanks), but until now, no game with the whole shebang. While we're still waiting for the troops, War Thunder Ground Forces brings on both tanks and planes in one single battlefield.

This game is entirely free, living off in-game purchases, and expanding at a rate we'd expect from far more popular titles. What you'll see is the same three gameplay modes as offered in the earlier non-tank edition of the game, here with action both on the ground and in the air above: arcade battles, realistic battles, and simulator battles.

Below you'll see the first 15-or-so minutes of gameplay you'll likely experience if you've never played the game before – or if you've not touched a tank before. There's a very simple training mission then an immediate launch into online gameplay.

Both the planes and the tanks of War Thunder will be coming to PlayStation 4 on June 4th. This free-to-play game on the PC will continue to be free-to-play when it's released to PlayStation 4, complete with online play.

VIA: PlayStation