Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?

As some of our readers may note, I'm not exactly a big fan of the PS3. I just haven't found any good reasons to drop $500 $600 on a gaming console. And no, I don't care about Blu-ray. Until the format wars are over, I'll just stick to my DVDs.

Looks like there is another good reason to refrain from purchasing a new PS3. It appears that consoles with serial numbers CE133212XXX and CE133190XXX emit a high pitched wail when playing games. So now, not only does Sony leave your bank account hurting, they leave your ears hurting too.

I'm really not searching for bad things to write up about the PS3, they just keep coming in. I won't deny that it's a powerful machine, I just think the price is too steep among other things.

PS3 Makes Horrible, Awful Noise When Playing Games? [via crunchgear]