Want a NES Classic? Try Walmart, but you better be fast

As annoying as it is, the flippers are out in force when it comes to the NES Classic game console. About the only place you can get one is on eBay for many times the $60 asking price.This is the small game console that looks like the original Nintendo and has games built in. The console launched on November 11 and sold out so fast that many were left wanting.

You can go to eBay and pay $250 per unit if you want, but Walmart is trying something that will make it easier for gamers to get hands on one of the NES Classic consoles. Starting at 2pm Pacific yesterday and runing through November 18 if you watch Walmart.com and are fast a small numbe of NES Classic consoels will be available each day.

The console will sell for the $60 asking price as well. It's unclear exactly how many consoles are available each day as Walmart hasn't offered that information. If you are unfamiliar with the NES Classic, it is a miniaturized version of the original Nintendo console and it has 30 classic 8-bit games built in. You can play games like Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, the Legend of Zelda, and lots more.

None Of the games require hard plastic cartridges like we had to futz with and blow into back in the day. The consoles will sell out fast so you better have credit card in hand when 2pm PST rolls around. VentureBeat thinks that Nintendo is purposefully keeping supply tight to generate buzz. That would be no surprise, the NES Classic is about the only thing that has generated this sort of buzz this side of the Wii when it first launched.

SOURCE: Walmart, VentureBeat