WandaVision documentary release date magically imminent

We can pretty much count on a documentary being made for basically every big-name production on Disney+ from now on. The next one that'll arrive is Assembled: The Making of WandaVision. This documentary, not unlike the documentary made for The Mandalorian, will focus its efforts on making clear the process behind the production of the television show as well as the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe considerations that were made in the making of the series.

Part of the reason these series are made is the obvious re-capping of what's been done to make the television show. Disney benefits from the image this presentation delivers, too. So many television shows are of such a high production value today that it's easy to forget the work that's gone into making the media. With a series like this – or even a single mini-movie – the creators of the show get the opportunity to show off the immense amount of work that's gone into the making.

One of the most major reasons a fan tunes in to a Disney Gallery or "Assembled" documentary is the details. The Mandalorian and WandaVision are slow burn shows with intriguing details that lend themselves to the larger cinematic universe in which they exist. The nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and its source material, Marvel Comics – suggests that clues about the future of the story could, potentially, be found anywhere – even in the "making of" production.

The WandaVision documentary will be released on March 12th, 2021. Cross your fingers there'll never be another weekend where we don't get a new production from Disney+ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and/or the Star Wars universe ever, ever again! Once Star Wars gets going again we'll be getting a new episode of Marvel and/or Star Wars content every Friday through the whole Summer, OR ELSE!