Walt Mossberg reviews Kindle 2: 'Vast improvement'

Everyone's favorite bearded tech pundit, Walt Mossberg, has delivered his opinion of the Kindle 2 in the Wall Street Journal, and much to Amazon's relief it's a pretty much glowing review.  Mossberg reminds us how "clumsy and annoying to use" he found the first-gen Kindle, before praising the Kindle 2 for its "vast improvement" in controls, design and the detail possible from its epaper display.

Mossberg also highlights Amazon's plans for ebook content on non-Kindle mobile devices, suggesting that such a move would easily eclipse the Kindle 2.  The ebook market "could explode" he says, if Amazon offered iPhone or BlackBerry apps.

Video review after the cut

The only drawbacks for Walt are the absence of book organization tools, plus the fact that Amazon charge $29 for the cover (which was previously free), and finally the lack of open e-book format support.  However none of these facts are enough to dissuade his opinion that "for serious book readers who are tired of toting around stacks of books and periodicals, the new Kindle is finally a pleasure to use."