Walt Disney World stops adding digital facemasks in official ride photos

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted tourism all around the United States. While Disney World has opened back up for some guests, and while most are wearing masks, on occasion, people without masks come to the park. Some people don't wear masks due to medical issues. Disney World, like other amusement parks, takes photographs of people on rides.

The theme park said that in response to requests from guests that it had ran a test where it modified some ride photos. The modification would put a digital facemask onto the face of riders who weren't wearing one. Disney World has now stopped placing digital facemasks on riders.

The official statement says that while the theme park is no longer digitally altering photos, it does expect guests to wear face coverings. The only time the theme park says that guests don't have to wear masks is when actively eating or drinking while stationary. Disney World first began digitally altering photos taken on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom.

Photos were also digitally altered that were taken on the DINOSAUR ride in the Disney Animal Kingdom. It's not completely clear what the thought process was behind adding digital facemasks to passengers on the rides who weren't wearing them.

While Disney says that it started the practice based on customer feedback, there is no clear indication of what the justification was. Perhaps riders who were wearing facemasks didn't want to be the only ones in images wearing a mask. There's also the chance that those wearing face coverings felt it was unfair that others weren't and wanted them digitally added because they felt like everyone should be wearing one in the photo.