Walmart outlines new video game trade in program and used games plan

Walmart has been expanding its digital video offerings for a long time. The massive retailer operates its Vudu service and began to offer support for Intel's UltraViolet DRM cloud video library late last year. Walmart has announced a new service for gamers that will launch this month.

Starting on March 26, Walmart will launch a new video game trade in program. Gamers will be able to bring their old and unwanted games into Walmart locations to trade the titles in and get immediate credit in the store. The store credit for the games will be usable for any purchase in the entire store.

That means you can trade in your old games and use the credit for food, clothing, gadgets, automotive service, or whatever floats your boat. The credit will also be usable at Sam's Club locations as well. The trade-in program works like most others where the user can bring games in the original packaging to the electronics department.

The game will be inspected for damage and then the user will get a trade in value on the game. The credit is then given immediately and can be applied to purchases at checkout. The trade in program will be offered at 3100 stores across the nation. There is no indication of what the trade-in value on games will be. Walmart will also sell the trade-in games after they are refurbished.

SOURCE: Walmart