Walmart's Vudu adds Intel's UltraViolet DRM cloud video library

Walmart's Vudu online video store has added Intel's "UltraViolet" (UV) content library to its own. The move will expand Vudu viewers' selection to include titles by UV's digital distribution model. The idea here is that it allows for low-cost temporary video access on multiple devices while protecting copyrights for producers.

Vudu is a streaming video store that lets you stream videos to your gaming console, PC, mobile device or Internet-connected media player. UV is a digital rights preservation and distribution model. The integration of the two indicates a continuing trend towards flexibility for the consumer for non-pirated materials.

UV currently partners with the likes of Flixster, MGo, and Nook to distribute material. It also has distribution deals with movie studios Paramount, Universal, and Sony Pictures. It relies on storing media in the cloud, so that viewing rights can be terminated whenever the terms expire.

Not everybody is happy with DRM models like UV. Some say the cloud-based system should be of concern and that if one purchases a piece of media, they should be able to enjoy it locally without wondering if the rights will be taken away without notice. However, with the rental model Walmart's Vudu uses, some folks do just want to spend a few bucks to rent a movie rather than pay to own it.

How about you? Think it's a good thing these two companies are pairing up, expanding the Walmart empire and the DRM solution known as UltraViolet?