Wall-mounted Six PC Custom Render-Farm

Chris Davies - Sep 26, 2008
Wall-mounted Six PC Custom Render-Farm

If you’ve got to have a six-PC render farm for your business, you might as well make it look good.  Designer Fredrik Perman moved offices in North Carolina, and decided to put his six Intel dual-core PCs up on the wall of the lobby in a custom plexiglass case.  Lighting is from LED fans and ten 10-inch cold-cathode tubes hidden behind the aluminium frame.

More pictures of the wall-mounted render-farm after the cut

Cooling is courtesy of six fans, each blowing upward: the sides of the casing are open, so the heat can funnel straight up.  We’re assuming Perman’s waiting room doesn’t need much heating in the winter!  On the other side of the wall is the server room, so the 8-port KVM switch is embedded between the two spaces and all the cabling goes straight behind the PCs. 

A 15-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse are to the side for direct control of the farm, and there are speakers hooked up to use the system for lobby entertainment when it’s not crunching conceptual designs.  No word on how much the setup cost, but it’s something we imagine you could put together relatively easily yourself (though maybe on a somewhat smaller scale).

[via dvice]

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