Wacom VR Pen revealed for cross-reality stylus action

The Wacom VR Pen was revealed here at the tail end of 2020 with creative intent. This piece of equipment was created to work in a virtual reality environment, but also works on 2D surfaces, as it's made with much of the same tech as an otherwise non-VR Wacom stylus. This pen works with its own "independent tracking system that works with major Head-Mounted Displays."

The average Wacom stylus uses the tip of the pen to capture pressure, transferring said data into actionable data. In a drawing app, this means a Wacom stylus can make lines that are thicker as pressure is applied. With the Wacom VR Pen, this function is moved to a pressure-sensitive button near the pen's tip.

There's also an array of buttons in the Wacom VR Pen for all manner of functionality according to the apps in which it is used. At the head of the pen's grip is a dial – which you'll more than likely use to cycle through in-app tools and options. This is very similar to what we've seen with Wacom tablet tools in the past – here it's all run from the stylus itself!

This stylus will require charging – it'll have a USB-C charging port, more than likely – and charging time/use time has not yet been revealed. It'll likely be possible – however awkward – to keep a USB-C cord plugged in to the stylus to allow limitless VR stylus run time.

It's unlikely this stylus will have interchangeable pen nibs, as its primary function isn't tip-dependent.

The Wacom VR Pen is available for sale to the public just yet. It's listed by Wacom in their developer portal with a note that they're accepting inquiries regarding this hardware technology and software tools. It's likely this product will be revealed and released in the first half of the year 2021.