Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch reviewed: decent entry-level tablet

Wacom may have only made their new Bamboo tablet range official yesterday, but eagle-eyed early adopters have been picking them up in stores for over a week now.  BestTabletReview have been putting the Bamboo Pen & Touch Fun – which has both an active digitizer stylus for precise control and artwork, and a multitouch layer for recognizing finger-touch and gestures – through its paces, compared to Wacom's well-considered Graphite tablet.

In the Bamboo Pen & Touch Fun's favor is its responsiveness and switch to 16:9 aspect, useful considering the tablet area represents the screen as a whole, rather than just moving the cursor independently of where you touch.  Since most people have widescreen displays rather than 4:3, that's an improvement over the Graphite.  Multitouch works as you'd expect from a laptop trackpad.  Less successful is the pen holder, which is seemingly the Levis-style Wacom loop on the side.

Still, Wacom are selling the Bamboo Pen & Touch Fun for just $99, so it doesn't have a prosumer price.  It's not as art-focused as their Intuos range, but then it doesn't cost as much as those tablets do, either.