Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus released for Windows Ink

This week the folks at Wacom have two new stylus releases in store for their "Bamboo" line. These devices look similar but act very different – in how they interact with their chosen devices, that is. The Bamboo Ink smart stylus works with Windows Ink, while the Bamboo Sketch smart stylus works with iOS devices of several sorts – not just iPad Pro.

Wacom suggests that they've partnered with Microsoft on the Bamboo Ink. This new stylus works with Windows Ink – meaning it'll interact with any device thats Windows Ink enabled. This device comes with three different fine nibs for three different sorts of writing and drawing experiences. Users with this device will be able to launch pen-enabled apps with the stylus like Sticky Notes or Bamboo Paper.

Using this device with Bamboo Paper allows the user to synchronize their experience across devices. Using Wacom's Inkspace service, saved projects will exist on Wacom's servers (in the cloud, so to speak) where they'll be stored ready for access on any device with Wacom's Inkspace apps.

Users will be able to purchase the Bamboo Ink for approximately $80 USD starting this week. Wacom dot com, USA-based Microsoft Stores, and Best Buy online and offline will have this stylus available starting on June 1st, 2017.

In the demonstration video above is the Bamboo Ink in motion. It's being shown working with the apps mentioned in this article, and the three individual nibs for the device are shown, as well. This is one of two styli revealed by Wacom today, the other prepared for iOS – not just iPad, but iPhone, too.

The Lenovo device shown in the video is the Lenovo MIIX 510, by the way. That's a pretty awesome device in and of itself. Have a peek at our Lenovo MIIX 510 review for more information.