Vysor now lets Android mirror remotely, and it's awesome

Chrome app Vysor now allows users to build their own Android device farm – remotely. Just what you've always wanted. That is assuming you're the sort of person who has a whole bunch of Android phones and tablets and whatnot. Even if you're not, the newest feature on this app allows you to access your Android phone's fully interactive screen via your PC or Mac or Chromebook both through a USB cord remotely and through any computer connected via a shared link. Easy peasy.

One user adds the Vysor app to their Chrome web browser and turns it on. They then connect their Android device to said computer via USB. That Android device is available then to that first user with full control – tapping, typing, etc.

With the update this week, Vysor "Share Server" allows you to give remote control to a secondary computer. You'll tap the "Share" button and receive a link. That link is passed on to the second computer, which then installs Vysor (if they don't already have it installed) and the phone on the first computer appears on the second, again with full control.

A user could potentially connect multiple phones to the web this way, allowing remote access to a whole collection of devices. You can connect as many devices to a single computer as that computer will allow – USB limit, says Koush, creator of the app, is likely around 46 – so no worries there.

Our tests started on a MacBook. Opening a Samsung Galaxy S7 on this first computer was super simple. Controls include full touch and keyboard – copy from a text document outside the phone screen, on your desktop, and paste inside the phone – works just fine.

Tapping Share was extremely intuitive, as it accepting the link on our second machine, a Windows 10-based desktop. One tap and a load from the Vysor app in Chrome later and we were controlling the phone from that secondary computer. Swift and simple.

This functionality is not part of the "free" bit of Vysor, mind you. Users will need to subscribe for $1.99 a month, $9.99 a year (with 7 free days to start), or you could pay $40 for a lifetime subscription. You can find access to this app for your Chrome web browser at the Vysor homepage.