Vulcan FlipStart price more than halved

Vulcan's FlipStart UMPC might have garnered some attention for its diminutive size and handy QWERTY keyboard, but its whopping great price also caught the eye. At its original $1,999 it was considered an eye-watering frippery, while even a $500 price cut left Vulcan still searching for buyers. Now they've seemingly set at the sticker price with a scythe, chopping it down to just $699.

It's hard to believe they're making much money on the FlipStart at under seven-hundred bucks – either that, or they were royally screwing people who paid either of the two higher prices – and the whole thing has the whiff of desperation about it.

Nonetheless, it suddenly becomes a far more realistic proposal as a "companion PC", which is how UMPC devices were originally marketed.

Vulcan [via Crave]