Vudu uses new web streaming service to avoid sharing loot with Apple

When Apple started to force a revenue share with any company with an app that required a subscription, many of the companies were not happy. Some just rendered unto Jobs, what belongs to Jobs. Others decided to make a workaround to avoid those extra payments. The first to skirt the Apple system was Amazon with its Kindle iPad service where it offered the services as a web offering rather than an app.

Vudu is now taking a page from the same book and when the Vudu streaming movie service launched for the iPad it was a mobile site optimized for iPad not an app. This lets Vudu offer streaming flicks that are geared to iPad users without having to share subscription and rental fees. The website also streams video to other devices as well.

The site supports connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and game consoles. The other reason that Vudu and parent company Walmart decided to offer a web service rather than an app was that changes and updates could be made as they want without having to wait for Apple to approve or disapprove changes. I would bet that if possible moving forward all the companies that can take to the web rather than the App Store will.

[via Gigaom]