Vsenn takes on Project Ara with its own modular phone

Google's Project Ara will soon have a competitor, with startup Vsenn announcing plans to create its own module-based handset. Vsenn is a Finnish company, and according to its website, it was co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager. The company has very little details about its plans and smartphone at this time, instead teasing with promises that its phone will offer "modular and upgradable hardware". Joining the modular design will be special attention paid to security, as well, with Vsenn saying "preserving...your privacy is our main priority."

What we know about the planned phone thus far is that it will, like Project Ara, feature a modular design that allows users to swap out the camera, battery, and processor/RAM whenever they'd like to upgrade. This will be joined by customizable back covers that feature different styles.

As far as the security features go, Vsenn's yet-unnamed phone will offer triple-layer encryption for the security minded out there. This will be joined by a VPN and "secure Cloud" for free. This will put it in the same playing field as other privacy-centric handsets that have cropped up in light of government snooping.

The handset will run pure Vanilla Android, and the maker guarantees its phone will get updates for four years after it launches. Nothing else is known beyond this — when the company plans to launch, what the handset will cost, or any details between.

SOURCE: Pocket-lint