VR headset hygiene mask keeps things sanitary

I'll be honest, I really don't want to be writing today. It's Vive launch day, and I have games that are waiting to be played in the other room. Thankfully, I've found something worthwhile to write about, that's also related to my burning desire to play VR. It will also help me with a certain problem that I've been worrying about.

Let's face it, everyone's face is covered with oil, sweat, and/or makeup. So strapping a VR headset to your face means that some of those things will get transferred to the cushioning pad that sits right against your face. Now I've been wanting to invite everyone I know over to experience VR, but I don't want dozens of oily faces touching the same thing that I'm going to be putting against my face. That's why one company is making hygiene masks for VR headsets.

It's not surprising that these disposable masks come to us from Japan. It's not uncommon to see people in Japan walking around with masks covering their faces, to help filter out germs and the like that you might breathe in. Instead of filtering the air, they simply act as a soft barrier between your face and the headset. This means that while you may get some oil on the mask, the headset won't be covered in it.

The disposable masks will come in packs of 100, and are currently available from Yahoo Japan's store for around $27. That's not bad a bad price for good hygiene. I wouldn't mind seeing these show up here in the US, so that we don't have to import them, however.

VIA: Geek