Vonage steps up to help former SunRocket customers

So SunRocket crashed and burned. I was not a user of their services, however, there were a good number of people that were. Those people are now left without phone service. They left behind their landline phones for a reason, so they're not going to want to go back. So hearing the cries of these customers, Vonage has stepped up and decided to help them out.

First, Vonage is going to make sure that former SunRocket customers will be able to port their existing phone numbers to Vonage service, free of charge. Then if the new subscribers sign up for a year's worth of the US Residential Premium Unlimited Plan, Vonage will throw in two months of service for free.

Former SunRocket customers are encouraged to call 800-833-4806. They can also check for more information on the Vonage website.

[via press release]