Sunrocket VoIP Was, In Fact, Too Good To Be True

James Allan Brady - Jul 17, 2007, 10:43 am CST
Sunrocket VoIP Was, In Fact, Too Good To Be True

According to reports the service basically pulled the plug on the whole operation. So for those of you who thought you were getting a deal that was too good to be true (phone service for a whole year for $99), turns out you were right.

Last Friday was apparently when the proverbial fecal matter hit the rotating finned device, it all started when Sunrocket’s CEO Lisa Hook quit. From there the entire call center staff was sent packing and 300 other employees were fired.

Recommendations are to have your number ported as soon as possible and gather as much info as possible on the monetary exchanges and length of service to get a chargeback or refund. For those looking for a similar solution, a member of the SlickDeals forums has recommended Via Talk as a best choice substitute. Via Talk is apparently offering the same deal for $199/year plus a $29 activation fee, but you get 3 months free and they will apparently buyout up to twelve months of your previous contract. Good luck to everyone who bought into the service.

Sunrocket VoIP Is Dead, Run Away While You Still Can [via Consumerist]

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