Volvo And Geely Auto To Get New Shared Modular Vehicle Architecture

Volvo doesn't produce the most exciting automobiles in the United States, but most people will recognize the brand. Volvo does have some interesting technology, such as the self-parking car demonstrator we saw earlier this summer. A new brand that's associated with Volvo that most people won't recognize is Geely Auto. This company has tried to break into the US automotive market in the past with no success.

Volvo and Geely recently announced that they would be getting a new modular architecture that will be developed for both automakers. The two companies are opening a joint R&D center that will develop the modular architecture and components for the next generation C-segment cars.

One goal of the joint R&D center is to help Volvo and Geely to leverage economies of scales and share costs for developing the platform. Once the platform is completed, Volvo will use the platform to target the global premium car market. Geely plans to use the platform to focus on mass-market automobiles.

The modular automotive design allows several different vehicle platforms to be developed from a single architecture. This method has been proven in the automotive industry over the years. The modular architecture allows tailor-made solutions for multiple brands to be built and aimed at specific market segments. The R&D center currently has 70 engineers working there, but the automakers plan to have about 200 engineers at the location by the second half of 2014. Here's hoping that this new modular architecture will allow Volvo to create exciting vehicles along the lines of the Concept Coupe that turned up last month.