Vodafone to sell iPhone in January 2010

Satsuki Then - Dec 21, 2009
Vodafone to sell iPhone in January 2010

Starting January 14th, Vodafone will start selling iPhone in UK. With two years contract and wireless plan that cost £35-a-month, a customer would be able to pickup an iPhone 3G for free. Those who wants the iPhone 3GS, would have to signup for a wireless plan that cost £45-a-month for the 16GB, and £75 a month for the 32GB; same contract length required.

Vodafone limits monthly data transfer to 1GB each month, however it provides unlimited WIFI for its customers. As for users who want to tether their iPhone, Vodafone will charge £5 a month for 500MB data transfer.

[via reghardware]

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