Vodafone to sell 3G HSDPA Dell Inspiron Mini 9 in Europe

Vodafone has announced that it has secured a deal with Dell to sell 3G-equipped versions of the Inspiron Mini 9.  The netbook launched today with a WWAN option physically possible but mysteriously absent in the customization screens; Vodafone, who have supported Dell with WWAN previously, have an exclusive deal to sell the HSDPA netbook in Europe.

Pricing and other details are yet to be announced; it's unclear as yet which territories Vodafone operates in will get the 3G Mini 9.  The carrier is promising full information in the "coming weeks", building to availability from late September.

T-Mobile has already signed a similar deal to supply 3G-enabled versions of ASUS' Eee netbook in Europe.  Vodafone has not commented on the possibility of subsidizing the Inspiron Mini 9 if customers take out a data contract, but netbooks have already been "given away" as deal sweeteners for new cellphone agreements.