Vodafone iPhone 4 pricing revealed: more data than O2 offer

Apple's webstores may be up and down as the company battles legions of would-be iPhone 4 preorder customers, but over at carrier Vodafone it's all about unveiling their official pricing and packages for their offering.  Unlike rival O2, who have cut down entry-level inclusive data to just 500MB, Vodafone are including 1GB across the board; tariffs kick off at £25 ($37) per month, with the iPhone 4 itself costing £280.

In fact you need to sign up to the most expensive monthly package – £65 ($96) including 3,000 voice minutes and unlimited SMS messages – in order to get the iPhone 4 handset "free".  That's on a 24-month agreement; if you opt for an 18-month contract you're looking at £5 more per month on each tariff.

Over the course of a two-year agreement, then, you're looking at £880 ($1,296) on the cheapest monthly tariff; in contrast, you can buy the iPhone 4 16GB SIM-free and unlocked from Apple direct, for £499 ($735).  That leaves a fair chunk to spend on a SIM-only tariff, so it's worth doing the sums before you commit.  The iPhone 4 will begin shipping on June 24th.

iPhone 4 hands-on:

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