iPhone 4 up for pre-order: unlocked & SIM free in UK

It's not just a new Mac mini that Apple's reworked store has brought with it – the iPhone 4 is now finally up for preorder.  The US Apple store has the 16GB iPhone 4 for $199 and the 32GB iPhone 4 for $299, while the UK Apple store has the 16GB model at £499 and the 32GB model at £599.  Those UK prices are for SIM-free handsets, which can be used with any UK carriers' microSIM and in fact pretty much any SIM worldwide.

Of course, if you want a subsidized iPhone 4 in the UK you'll need to head down to your nearest phone store and talk about carrier deals on June 24th.  Most of the major carriers have announced that they'll be offering the Apple smartphone.

There's more detail in the various US options in our iPhone 4 preorder wrap-up article, but it's worth noting that the white iPhone 4 is currently unavailable for preorder in either the US or the UK.  The black model, meanwhile, will ship in time for delivery on June 24th, or you can arrange to pick it up at your nearest store.

iPhone 4 hands-on:

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