Vodafone Huawei EC W820 video call home tablet hits FCC

Chris Davies - Dec 29, 2010
Vodafone Huawei EC W820 video call home tablet hits FCC

A Vodafone-branded Huawei tablet has been spotted crossing the FCC, offering a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen and a 2-megapixel camera. The Huawei EC W820 appears to run a proprietary OS, rather than the more common Android, supporting voice and video calls, SMS, media playback, internet browsing and various widgets.

There’s wireless support for dualband 850/1900 GSM/WCDMA, along with WiFi and Bluetooth according to the user manual. Internal memory is 256MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM; there’s an SD card slot for up to 16GB cards, along with a USB 2.0 port that can support up to 16GB external thumb-drives.

Stereo speakers, a kick-stand and a trackball round out the main specs, and there’s a 3.5mm headphone socket and user-replaceable battery. Going by the screenshots in the user guide, it’s headed to Vodafone Spain first. No word on when the device might arrive on Vodafone, nor under what name, but it looks like a more modern version of the little-loved O2 Joggler.

[via Wireless Goodness]

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