Vizio's Android Via Tablet and Via Phone revealed

Vizio is best known for its affordable HDTV range, but the company is planning on launching an Android-based tablet and smartphone later in 2011. The Vizio Via Phone has a 4-inch touchscreen and twin cameras, while the Vizio Via Tablet has an 8-inch touchscreen and a front-facing camera; each has Android Market access and HDMI connectivity.

There's also WiFi and, on the Via Tablet, three speakers. Vizio has carried over its HDTV UI to the two new mobile devices, in a push for range consistency, and there'll also be support for a Vizio remote control app so that TV media can be managed from either the phone or slate.

Thanks to Vizio's Via Plus Internet service, there'll also be access to the smart TV features familiar from the HDTV line-up, including Netflix support. Both the Via Phone and Via Tablet will arrive in the US come summer 2011, with pricing yet to be announced.

[via Android Community]