Vizio Reveals 2H 2011 TVs Plus Google TV Sets

Vizio has recently been making some buzz with their budget-friendly Android tablet readying for launch within the next two months. And now it's back to their TVs, as the company just revealed a detailed roadmap for upcoming TVs for the second half of 2011. The new offerings will also include Vizio's first Google TV sets with the XVT 6 series.

The XVT 6 series will be 3D TVs offered in 47-inch and 55-inch sizes. Both will run Android 3.1 Honeycomb, which Google announced to be its future Google TV platform back at I/O. This means that the Android Market will also be arriving with these new TVs, although Vizio's Via Plus services will still remain. The TV sets will feature 480Hz LCD panels, and support for both Bluetooth and touchpad controls. They should ship by this December and include four pairs of 3D glasses.

Additionally, Vizio will be offering new XVT Razor Cinemawide screens that boast 21:9 aspect ratios similar to what you get in actual movie theaters. It will have a 2560x1080 resolution with 120Hz refresh rate and come in both a 50-inch and a 58-inch model. However, there won't be support for Google TV or touchpad controls. But, there will be Bluetooth support, smart-dimming LED backlights, and four pairs of 3D glasses. This series is scheduled to ship this October.

And for a mid-range line, Vizio has the M3D Razor, which features a standard ratio display with 240Hz refresh rate and Bluetooth support. This series will be available in three sizes ranging from 42 to 55 inches and will begin shipping in August to September, with the smaller version due out first.

[via Electronista]