VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and Wi-Fi Direct Smart Remote bank on web for future-proofing

The folks at VIZIO have made their next-generation television apps platform public this week in an environment they call VIZIO Internet Apps Plus. This program allows the full VIZIO M-Series Razor LED smart TV collection to enter the future-ready app age with HTML 5 app support, a full-fledged app launcher, and the ability to control apps with mobile devices.

This new interface works with bring the M-Series (and future smart VIZIO TV sets) into a rather intuitive place with a completely redesigned user interface. This UI works with a full-screen app discovery and control section as well as a separate launcher which takes up just a small section of the screen (along its bottom). This UI lends itself to mobile device control as well.

With YouTube on your mobile device you'll be able to work with an option called "Send to TV", beaming it from your smartphone or tablet to a VIZIO smart TV. With both the TV and your mobile device connected to the same Wi-fi network, users are also able to transition the video from the TV back to the mobile device where it will continue to play, allowing for seamless viewing no matter where you want to watch.

Also hitting the circuit this week is the Wi-Fi Direct Smart Remote, a device that works with faster response times than traditional infra-red controls. With the newest software update to VIZIO's M-Series TVs, this device will allow wireless control without the need for aiming directly at the set. THis device also works with quick launch smart TV keys – the lot of which are also backlit for night and dark use.

VIZIO's app collection for their smart TV range included (before this week) such big names as Amazon Instant Video, HuluPlus, Netflix, VUDU and YouTube. This week they add M-GO, ESPN ScoreCenter, ESPN EXTRA, and 3DGO! Time to connect!