Vizio hops into LED lighting industry

I would wager most readers are familiar with the Vizio brand. The company has a great line of HDTVs that are the best selling in the US market thanks to the performance and the price of the sets. The company will also soon get into the Android tablet market with a new offering that sounds very nice for the price. Vizio is also now looking to get into a new market to make use of its LED prowess and I hope that it can bring the same low price and quality to this new market.

Vizio has announced that it is stepping in the LED lighting industry. Vizio already makes use of LEDs in the backlighting for its popular HDTVs so it has some experience and access to LED tech. The entry into the LED market by Vizio will come in late Q4 2011. At this point there is no indication of how expensive the bulbs will be.

Vizio claims the lights will last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs and they use much less power. The Vizio LRB60A19 will replace a 60W incandescent bulb and consumes only 12.5 watts of power. The light output is 800 lumens. Vizio will also offer a 40W replacement A19, a 90W replacement PAR38 Flood, a PAR30 Flood 75W replacement, a PAR20 Spot 50W replacement, and a MR16 35W spot replacement. All consume a fraction of the power if an incandescent alternative and have a color accuracy of 90.