Vizio gives Blake Griffin a hands-on with its new tablet

Famous folks always get special treatment. It has always been funny to me that the famous from the sports world and Hollywood get all sorts of stuff free when they have all kinds of money and could buy anything they want. Such is the case with Blake Griffin and Vizio. Griffin is the NBA Rookie of the Year and Vizio hooked him up with a cool new 65-inch 3D TV and a new Vizio tablet that is unreleased.

The Vizio rep took some time to show Griffin and us what the tablet can do when connected to a Vizio TV and entertainment system. The tablet acts as a universal remote control for working the system. You can do the things you expect like control TV channel and volume. The tablet has cool three-speaker setup.

Those three speakers are able to allow stereo sound in any orientation. When held in portrait mode the top speakers work. When held in landscape mode it activates the two side speakers. The coolest thing is one that the rep doesn't really go into the mechanics of. You can use the tablet to flick pictures over to the TV. Check out the video below to see the tablet in action.

[Via Android Community]