VISA President: we've "moved beyond" NFC

This morning at the 2nd full day's keynote at CTIA 2012, VISA President John Partridge offered the company's view on how the mobile world will expand in the very near future. In and important step in the story of banking across the earth, mobile banking specifically, 2.5 billion "unbanked" adults across were introduced to mobile banking in the very recent past which has "transformed the lives of millions of people" said Partridge. "NFC technology has been the global mobile payment standard technology" noted Partridge, "this is a critical step," through "VISA has moved beyond this method" with by VISA.

This platform has users "removing the friction" with mobile payment, with just a name and a password required for making transactions. Starting with eCommerce, working with mobile, and accessing payments in person. In the very near future you'll be seeing the by Visa checkout logo for mobile payments across the USA. "We are uniquely equipped to handle mobile commerce," said Partridge, "equipped to handle transactions in real time."

VISA here, says Partridge, is able to do instant checks on fraud, seeing the future in which "mobile payments are a part of every day life." To do this, Partridge has noted that security is at the forefront, because "without trust, a payment system cannot thrive." The future of commerce according to VISA is "a world where people use mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to handle their money."

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