Virgin Mobile Takes on T-Mobile AT&T Merger with Sexy Sparah Party Video

It's time for Virgin Mobile's "Sparah" to take on T-Mobile and AT&T in an advertisement that not only paints the stark white backgrounds of T-Mobile, AT&T, Apple, and etcetera commercials black, they take T-Mobile and AT&T's characters down with them. Sparah is the name of Virgin Mobile USA's summer 2011 marketing campaign, one in which two supposed complete strangers have been lifted from obscurity to be manufactured into a celebrity couple to promote Virgin Mobile – Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll. Apparently they're very popular and everyone in the celebrity world hates them or loves them or some combination of the two – now they're coming down on T-Mobile and AT&T with some sweet video action.

What you're about to see is something so breathtakingly hilarious that you'd better sit down before you watch it. Virgin Mobile uses this advertisement to promote their unlimited web, data, messaging, and email plan at $35 a month, daring T-Mobile (and whoever else wants to join the party) to create a better plan. Virgin also pokes fun at the idea that AT&T may be taking over T-Mobile and that they've got the nation's lowest customer approval ratings (based on American Customer Satisfaction Index 2011 Virgin Mobile tells us.) Bob Stohrer, vice president of Marketing for Virgin Mobile, notes the following:

"T-Mobile has anointed itself as the value leader in wireless, yet they've conveniently left Virgin Mobile out of their comparison set, so we're crashing their party. No matter how you dress their plans up, they're no match for Virgin Mobile's no-contract, Unlimited Data offering at $35/month coupled with Android-powered phones like the new Motorola Triumph. ... It's a competitive market and we're not going to shy away from an opportunity to debate things publicly so that consumers can see both sides of a story." – Bob Stohrer

We've conveniently got a full review of said Motorola Triumph if you'd like to take a look. It's an extremely simple top-tier Android device running a cool vanilla flavoring of Android with a hefty display and a lovely soft plastic casing. Check out the birth of Sparah below, made earlier this year by Virgin Mobile:

UPDATE: An official statement on the ad featured in this post has been released by T-Mobile's Communications Director Hernan Daguerre:

"Virgin's new ad proves that our successful Monthly4G no annual contract plans are putting pressure on their business. And this is because consumers looking for a great prepaid rate plan also want cutting-edge devices on a nationwide 4G network, which is exactly what they get from T-Mobile. It's flattering to see their marketing efforts center around our advertising properties, but consumers will see right through their gimmicks." – Hernan Daguerre

Do you agree? Are you a customer of either side's network?