Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two cabin reveal: Let's look inside!

Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of their SpaceShip Two vehicle VSS Unity today at a streaming event hosted virtually on YouTube. This spaceship is what Virgin Galactic says is the way of the future, with a cabin design "driven by astronaut experience." That means comfort and usability at the space vehicle's core.

In the cabin, each reclining seat is individually size, made for each individual and space. These seats are tuned for G-force management and float zone volume. Each seat includes a personal seat back screen to connect individual astronauts to live flight data.

Each seat is surrounded by windows. The cabin includes a whopping 12 windows so there's plenty of opportunity for each individual astronaut to get an ideal view of Earth. This is further facilitated by the wide open space in the cabin, designed to allow "effortless movement in weightlessness."

Capturing the experience for those that'll take the trip was of paramount importance to those hundreds of candidates for future flights. As such, the cabin of this spaceship includes 16 cameras to "provide high definition footage and stills."

Inside this cabin, Virgin Galactic included the largest mirror in a spaceship cabin. This circular mirror is located on the aft bulkhead, "which, by adding a tint to the reflective surface, allows astronauts to view themselves weightless while illuminated by the natural brightness of the Earth."

Maybe the most extravagant element in the cabin is the "automated mood lighting." This lighting "harmonizes with each flight phase", much like flights here on Earth with Virgin Airlines. Multi-color LEDs are hidden within the "Halo" windows (around the edges), enhancing the experience from take-off to a key point in the journey.

"At the pinnacle of the experience, as the Earth comes into view against the black sky of space, all lighting is extinguished, bringing an instant focus to the profoundly beautiful vista."

NOTE: During a Virgin Galactic flight, individuals riding along for the trip are called Astronauts, while those controlling the flight are called Space Pilots. There are currently 600 "Future Astronauts" in waiting for future space flights with Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic has a system for "aspiring astronauts" with the Virgin Galactic Spacefarer community right this minute. That'll cost you a $1,000 refundable deposit, available through the Virgin Galactic "Small Step" webpage as of press time for this article. You'll need to be 18 years old at the time of flight, and you'll be paying at least $250,000 per ticket, as that was the early registrant pricing... per ticket!