Violet Mir:ror RFID tag reader released

We first talked about the Mir:ror RFID tag reader from Violet last year but now you can actually get your hands on this device for the first time. Working with both PCs and Macs, the tag reader makes it easy to tag your belongings for easy tracking.

The Mir:ror comes with RFID stickers called Ztamps that you can stick on things you own. When these items are then scanned, it can cause a reaction on your computer. So, you could scan your umbrella and a weather update will pop up on your computer.

You connect the Mir:ror to your computer by means of a USB cable and can use it to read four RFID tags at once. Featuring an LED light ring, this gadget is stylish and practical. You can get the Mir:ror now for under $50 with two Nano:ztag Micro-Rabbits included.