Violet Mir:ror connects all your items by RFID

Just last week we talked about a patent Apple got for a RFID technology that would connect all of your personal items. But now look at this! the Mir:ror from Violet offers up something pretty similar in the here and now. 


With the Mir:ror, you can connect all of your non-digital items to the digital world. So, you'd put RFID tags on all of your belongings and then use the Mir:ror to interface them with your computer. This device is a small round gadget that plugs in via USB port.

Let's say you put an RFID tag on your shirt. Wave the shirt over the Mir:ror and the computer will recognize it in some way you deem fit. You could set it to take you to your favorite clothing retailer or something like that. You can connect anything in anyway you want. The Mir:ror features several built-in RFID tags, and you can assign many yourself as well. This device is expected to be released today in the U.S. and will set you back $69.99 for the starter kit.

[via SlipperyBrick]