Violet Mir:ror RFID gizmo reviewed: fun, moderately functional

Violet's Mir:ror took its time coming, but the RFID coaster is now on the market and getting its first reviews.  The Gadgeteer have been playing with the wireless gizmo, which allows you to tag objects with self-adhesive "ztamps" and associate them with functions like launching websites, playing media, sending messages or recording frequency of use stats.Video demo after the cut

Violet also provide two mini Nabaztag rabbits, now called Nano:ztags, which have RFID stamps built into their bottoms.  As with the sticky tags, they can be associated with various apps, macros and functions; in the demo video below, one of the bunnies triggers a playlist when sat on the Mir:ror, the music ending when the Nano:ztag is lifted.

Overall, it works reasonably well, though the software proved to be a little glitchy.  Sometimes programmed tags would simply stop working, or trap themselves in a loop and attempt to force-feed you weather information 24/7.  Having to tether it via USB to a computer also limits the usability; after all, if you're near your PC then you could probably bring up the same information with just a few key-presses.  Still, for $49.99 it's a reasonable price to play with automation and RFID.