Vintage Synths get mini felt-homage

With classic synthesizers fetching huge prices on eBay, never mind what you'd pay in a specialist music shop, those of us with a fondness for retro music design could do far worse than turn to Australian fabric artist pulsewidth and her incredible miniature replicas.  Lovingly crafted out of felt, with hand-stitched buttons, knobs and patch-cables, each is a tiny reproduction of a classic analog synth.

You could feasibly carry a whole Kraftwerk studio (albeit a relatively quiet one) about your person, too, as the models themselves are tiny.  pulsewidth must have some exceedingly steady hands, as most come in around 3-5 inches in width and just 2-2.5 inches deep.

Best of all, they're available through the artist's Etsy store, priced at $65 each.  Before you scoff, think how much a real vintage Minimoog would set you back, and imagine the fun you could have just making the noises yourself while hammering away at these tiny keys.  pulsewidth will even take on custom commissions, so if there's a little-known classic you've set your heart on, drop her a line.

[via technabob]