Vintage controller helps you save money

Instead of pouring all your money into computer games, why not pour it into game controllers instead?  That's obviously the impetus behind this NES controller wallet – well, either that or the fact that it's just plain cool.  With the judicious application of a zip, some careful snipping out of vintage electronics and a splash of UHU glue, you end up with a console mod that actually encourages you to save your cash.


The handiwork of Instructables member zenilorac, it's a no-sew design so you could even let your children have a go.  Well, just as long as they're not the sort of stupid offspring that would glue their hands to their faces.

If it were me, I'd line it with some material just to stop the magnetic stripe on my credit card from getting scratched.

Instructables [via Hacked Gadgets]