Vines can now be shared to multiple social sites at once

Vine is equal parts amazing and terrifying. The looping, quick-hit videos are often hilarious, or maybe even amazing, but before you know it you've wasted a lot of time on the platform. To make those looping takes easier to find, Vine is announcing a new sharing feature for the service. Users who want to share a Vine can now distribute it to multiple sources at once — including Tumblr, where looping videos need to be. The update will hit iOS first, with Android support "coming soon".

It's not sharing that's new — it's how we share. With the update, you can share a Vine to several sites at once, rather than having to share multiple times.

That also means if you come across one of those special new 720p Vines, you can just share it with everyone you know across platforms with less clicks.

Vine is under fire lately, as Facebook takes aim with Riff. The collaborative app links vine-like videos together to create a longer narrative among friends.

Similarly, Instagram has added a looping feature to its videos, which make them more like long Vines.

If you're ready to share, the Vine update is waiting for you on iOS. As for Android — like so many other apps — we can't say when the support is coming, only that it is.

Source: Vine