Vine rolls out support for looping 720p HD video

Vine's looping videos are a mix of hilarious and silly. The service, like most social entities, is a healthy blend of all kinds of interesting stuff. With visual media, we tend to gravitate toward the more accurate representation of what is going on, and that's typically HD. Starting today, Vine will become available in 720p for your 'prosumer' shots. Ahead of the update, Vine videos had a maximum definition of 420p, which is like standard TV. Viewing in 720p is available for all; full HD uploads, not so much.

The move to HD will naturally gain Vine more attention, as those who strap GoPro cameras to their helmets will want to stream looping videos to Vine.

For mobile, the update is timely. As smartphone cameras get better at video capture, we'll naturally want something that captures the moment better.

Going HD may also see Vine become a repository for all sorts of professional imagery, too. News sources may want to post Vine's of the goings on with better quality imagery, and we'd support that. There's nothing quite like watching Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan dunk on folks in a looping video, especially in HD.

If you've got an iPhone, viewing and uploading HD is good to go. Android users will have to wait; viewing HD is naturally available, but uploading HD video via Android will have to wait for Vine to update their Android app.

Source: Vine