Vine for Android sees initial launch hiccup

This morning the Twitter-friendly 6-second-clip app known as Vine was launched for Android, but not without its own tiny share of summoning sickness. When pushed, this app first saw the inability to be installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets, this causing a miniature outcry on Twitter from those without iOS devices who'd been waiting for weeks to see this app come to Android.

Users who've not yet been able to access the app should take comfort in knowing that they're not alone. Though support groups were jokingly planned by publications such as Android Community, the back-end problem seems to have been resolved here in the afternoon. Vine for Android is – for most users who'd previously reported problems to SlashGear – ready to be downloaded and installed for all Android devices.

If you are amongst the few who still see the message shown above, please feel free to let us know: "Oops, we could not determine if this item is compatible with your device. Please try again later." The app can indeed be installed on most – if not all – Android devices that've been released in the past several years. If you've got a new smartphone or tablet and Vine doesn't work, there's something odd going on.

Vine has been promised by its developers to be receiving frequent updates now that it's official for Android, especially in the face of the Apple device-tied version of the app's relative success. Vine's Android iteration does without front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook for now, but the developers responsible for the project have promised each in the near future.